What are three uses for multicultural elementary books for students?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

One of the most primary uses for multicultural elementary books is that it introduces the tenets of multicultural education to students at the earliest of ages.  If the goals of multicultural education are to be fully appreciated, then starting off early with its inclusion as part of the general educational setting is the best approach to accomplishing these ideals.  Another use for multicultural elementary books is that it is a way to communicate the goals of the multicultural curriculum without "adding it on" to the content.  For example, if multicultural elementary books can be used for all students in accomplishing content area goals, then instruction can be achieved in the context of multiculturalism.  In being able to integrate these books within the elementary grades can be accomplished, the goals of a multicultural curriculum are reached without "adding on" to the crowded plate of modern instruction. Finally, I think that one can use multicultural elementary books in literacy acquisition, helping to facilitate greater narrative awareness in content areas, and in exploring the differences and diversity that surrounds the modern student.  Using multicultural elementary books in these capacities helps to further cultural awareness, acceptance, and tolerance of diversity at the earliest of ages.