What is an example of a trick Rainsford uses to elude Zaroff in "The Most Dangerous Game"?

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Rainsford creates a Burmese tiger pit to elude Zaroff.

Rainsford is a skilled hunter who has written books on the subject, so he is definitely in General Zaroff’s league.  However, Zaroff has given himself an advantage in every way.  Rainsford therefore has to outwit him in order to have a chance.

In order to do this, Rainsford uses every trick he has.  One example is when he creates a trap, hoping Zaroff will fall in.  The General is impressed.

"Your Burmese tiger pit has claimed one of my best dogs. Again you score. I think, Mr. Rainsford, I’ll see what you can do against my whole pack. I'm going home for a rest now. Thank you for a most amusing evening."

A Burmese tiger pit is created by digging a hole and sticking sharpened sticks in it, and then covering it with a carpet of branches.  The hope is that the enemy or prey will fall in and be impaled on the spears.  Rainsford wanted to trap Zaroff, but instead he only caught a dog.  Still, Zaroff was impressed enough that he left Rainsford for the day.

The incident is hard for Rainsford because he realizes that Zaroff is toying with him, trying to drag out the fun for as long as possible. This makes it more difficult for Rainsford in some ways, but also gives him more motivation to try harder to survive.

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