The Most Dangerous Game Questions and Answers
by Richard Edward Connell

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In The Most Dangerous Game, what three tricks does Rainford use to elude Zaroff? What is the outcome of each trick?

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Because of his background, including his tenure as a soldier in World War I and his experience as a big game hunter, Rainsford proves to be something of an elusive and crafty prey for the sociopathic hunter General Zaroff . When Rainsford is initially released from Zaroff's chateau, equipped only with some food and a hunting knife, he runs blindly into the jungle, admitting that he was not "entirely clear-headed." Once he regains his senses he realizes that "straight flight was futile" and that he must cut a circuitous and therefore untraceable trail through the woods. Rainsford is sadly disappointed when the general follows his trail to the last broken branch and stands under the tree which Rainsford has chosen as a hiding place. The general stops and even smokes a cigarette. Rainsford quickly realizes that Zaroff knew very well exactly where Rainsford was hiding but wanted to prolong the hunt. Rainsford thinks, "The general was playing with him! The general was saving him for another...

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