What are the three traps that Rainsford sets while hiding from Zaroff in "The Most Dangerous Game"?

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sullymonster eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The first trap set by Rainsford is called a Malay mancatcher.  He uses a large dead tree as a weapon.  He balances it on a young live tree in such a way that just by passing by it and touching it, the dead tree will fall off the live one and crush the passer-by.  The general is hurt, but not caught, by this trap:

Even as he touched it, the general sensed his danger and leaped back ... But he was not quite quick enough; the dead tree, delicately adjusted to rest on the cut living one, crashed down and struck the general a glancing blow on the shoulder as it fell

When Rainsford comes upon the quicksand, he decides to build a trap in the form of a deadly hole.  Rainsford digs to create a crater that a hunter would fall in.  He places sharpened wooden spears at the bottom to make sure the victim is deathly injured.  Then he covers the pit.  The plan almost works, except that the General has sent a dog ahead of him and it is the dog that gets hurt.  This one was known as a Burmese Tiger Pit.

The last trick Rainsford uses really does cause damage by killing Ivan, the Cossack.  Rainsford attaches a knife to the young and springy tree.  Then he pulls the tree back and sets it up so that it will spring up at passers-by, thus forcing the knife into a hunter.

....General Zaroff was still on his feet. But Ivan was not. The knife, driven by the recoil of the springing tree, had not wholly failed.


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