What are three traits of Kira in Gathering Blue? How can you prove each one with her actions, thoughts, and words?

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In Lois Lowry's novel Gathering Blue, Kira has both intelligence and imagination, courage, and talent.

1. Imagination

While her mother is alive, Kira tells the children creative stories that captivate and entertain them, and she teaches them games. Kira is also a reliable helper to her mother in the weaving shed. Her mother praises Kira for her imagination:

"The stories you tell to the tykes, the pictures you create with words — and with thread! The threading you do! It is unlike any threading the people have ever seen. Far beyond anything I could do!" (Ch. 1)

As it turns out, creativity and imagination are held in high esteem in Kira's society.

2. Courage

After Kira's mother dies, Kira remembers her advice to take pride in her pain. "You are stronger than those who have none." This statement proves to be true when Vandara challenges Kira for her spot after her mother's death, telling her "Your space is gone." Because...

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