What are three character or personality traits for Kira, Thomas, and Matt in Gathering Blue?

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Kira is resourceful--although she is crippled, she finds ways to make herself useful even as a child, gathering cloth scraps from the looms. She is hard-working, a constant help to her mother and a tireless weaver. She is compassionate, as shown in her concern for her mother and for Jo.

Matt is energetic and courageous, which he proves by daring to venture into the unknown to find "blue". He is also intensely loyal, which he proves by protecting Kira's things after her mother's death.

Thomas is intelligent and observant. He knows his way through the Edifice's maze-like interior, and is not afraid to consider ideas outside the norm. He is also deeply artistic, and notes that the more he works on the singer's staff, the farther he feels from his "gift".


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