What are three things that Kit does for Prudence in Witch of Blackbird Pond?

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dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The first time Kit helps Prudence is on the boat trip from Saybrook to Weathersfield.  Prudence drops her doll overboard, Captain Eaton will not turn back for it, and Prudence's mother only gives her a scolding.  Taking things into her own hands, Kit leaps overboard and retrieves the child's toy, not realizing that, in Puritan New England, for a girl to swim is scandalous.

Another way Kit helps Prudence is in teaching her to read.  Considered worthless and stupid by her mother in particular, Prudence is not allowed to attend the Dame School with the other children.  Kit invites Prudence to meet at Hannah Tupper's house, and, discovering her to be an apt pupil, teaches her to read and write.

The most significant way in which Kit helps Prudence is through the kindness and friendship she extends towards the little girl.  Prudence is starved for attention, left mainly to fend for herself by her overbearing and self-righteous mother and her silent father.  When Kit takes an interest in her, Prudence blossoms into a lovely and capable little girl and develops a sense of self-worth which has always been denied her.  She is even able, near the end of the book, to stand confidently in a courtroom before a judge to speak in defense of her mentor.

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