What are three things that happen to Max and Kevin in eighth grade?  

Expert Answers
Noelle Thompson eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I have to admit, many of the adventures of Max and Kevin (who together make "Freak the Mighty") happen during the summer before their eighth grade year.  After reading half of the book, the reader finally comes to the boys' eighth grade school year. There are some significant events that happen during school as well.  

The first thing that happens (on the first day of eighth grade, no less) is that Max and Kevin proclaim their name to their classmates:  "Freak the Mighty."  Max is asked to get up in front of the class to talk about his summer.  When Max has a hard time with this and the kids tease him, Kevin stands on his desk and demands order.  Kevin then climbs on Max's back again and raises his fist in the air shouting their name: "Freak the Mighty."  All of the students join in the chant.  This validates both Kevin and Max.

Two other important events require less of an explanation, but are just as important to the story.  Max learns that his father, Kenny "Killer" Kane, is going to get out of jail on parole.  This scares Max so much that he goes into hysterics in the principal's office.  Likewise, Kevin has his own seizure when he is in the lunchroom eating "American chop suey."

In conclusion, there are plenty of events in these chapters that have nothing to do with school.  Probably the most important are Kane's release from prison and his visit to Loretta and Iggy Lee, which trigger many more unfortunate events for Max.