According to John O'Sullivan, what characteristics separated the United States from other nations?

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lhc eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In "The Great Nation of Futurity,"  an essay he penned in 1839,John O'Sullivan, the man credited with coining the term "manifest destiny,  argued that the United States was "disconnected" and very different from other nations, being based as it was (is) on equality for everyone.  O'Sullivan refers to the premise of equality, as well as the newness of the United States and its lack of a history of grievances, cruelties, injustices, dictators and monarchs, as being the things that made it different.  O'Sullivan also believed that the United States was sanctioned by none other than God himself to spread the ideals of democracy from the Atlantic all the way trans-continent to the Pacific Ocean.  As is common given the context of the times, O' Sullivan seemed unaware of the irony of a nation based on equality that was functioning in its Southern portion with a firmly entrenched slavery system.  In fact, during the Civil War, there is some evidence that O'Sullivan supported, and maybe even worked for the Confederacy, also an interesting possiblity given his position that the United States was a bastion of equality.