In The Bean Trees, what are three things Missy's mother, Mama, did to help build Missy's feelings of self worth and confidence?

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Missy's mother always demonstrated a respect for human dignity while raising Missy (Marietta). This was apparent in the way she spoke of her employers and it was apparent in the way she treated Missy. It was also apparent in the way Mama allowed Missy to dub herself "Miss Marrieta," both claiming and reflecting the kind of respect Mama's employers received.

Mama always anticipated Missy doing her best and being her best. This was apparent in Mama's reaction to whatever schoolwork or artwork Missy brought home. Mama always made Missy feel like her efforts had brought out the moon and "plugged in the stars." Missy says that Mama always believed Missy to be "that good" that she was the moon and stars.

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