What Did Gatsby Do To Impress Daisy

What are three things Jay Gatsby does to win Daisy's affection?

What are three major things that Jay Gatsby does to win Daisy's affection, anc could you explain them? Thanks!

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missy575 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

1. JAY PLANS THE PERFECT REUNION. In chapter 5, Jay has treats and tea specifically brought over to Nick's house for his meeting with Daisy. Knowing Gatsby's character, I am sure they were treats he knew she liked. He arranged a neutral meeting point at Nick's on purpose. After given a few minutes alone, Nick our narrator returns and Daisy is crying. We don't know what happened while Nick was out of the room, but we can assume it was good and those were happy tears because Daisy and Gatsby are in a relationship from that point on out.

2. JAY USES MATERIAL ITEMS TO IMPRESS. Daisy comes from old money. She doesn't mean to, that was just her lot in life. Jay changed his whole life so he could make the kind of money that fits her social class. When Daisy goes to Gatsby's house in chapters 5 & 6, we see his shirts and cleaned mansion he uses to impress her.

3. JAY ABANDONS OTHERS FOR HER FAVOR. Jay let go of his entire staff lest they might talk about his relationship with Daisy as she came over frequently. This demonstrates respect for her risk because she was still in a marriage to another man, but it also demonstrates extreme sacrifice. Those folks had likely been with Gatsby for awhile.

lmetcalf eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In order for Gatsby to win Daisy's affection, he has to make his presence known in the first place.  I would add to the excellent list above his extravagant parties.  His sole motive in throwing these events is to try to attract Daisy to one of them, or at least have his name brought up in conversations among the type of people that may run in the same social circles as Dasiy.  The parties are another example of how he displays his wealth and status, which he gained in the hopes of winning Daisy.  The parties of "over the top affairs" which create a buzz among the people of West Egg, and even in the more austere neighborhood of East Egg.  The almost over abundance of food, flowers, music and other entertainment is a public show of his success.  Sadly, he doesn't realize how these displays are actually off-putting to the true, old-school, wealth of people like Daisy and Tom.  While the parties don't directly work, they are still can be considered part of his plan.

Doug Stuva eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In The Great Gatsby, everything Gatsby does is done in an attempt to get Daisy back. 

He works to become wealthy so that he can be what she wants.  His association with Wolfsheim and his bootlegging are attempts to get rich so he can win Daisy back.  His wealth is a means to an end. 

He secures a home close to Daisy, across the bay from her, where he can even see the light on her dock.  He creates an image that creates a buzz about him in the area.  Ultimately, Jordan does mention his name in Daisy's presence, and Daisy's cousin happens to move into the house next to him.  His living where he lives works.

He is even willing to take the blame for Myrtle's death, instead of identifying Daisy as the driver. 

Of course, everything Gatsby does is for nothing.  His dream cannot come true because his dream is an illusion.  Daisy never loved him as much as he loves her, and nothing he does can change that.  

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