What are three things Isabel did to keep Christmas in Chains?  

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Well, as a slave, Isabel cannot really "keep Christmas" in the way she was accustomed when she was a little girl.  Momma, Isabel, and Ruth used to bake bread pudding, eat the entire day, and read the Bible.  In fact, Isabel is only able to do one of these activities:  bake bread pudding.  Now Isabel keeps Christmas by bringing food to the prisoners, baking bread pudding, and bringing that pudding to a family with children.  These are three ways Isabel keeps Christmas.  On Christmas Eve, Isabel gives food the poor by visiting Bridwell (the prison in town) and brings the rebel soldiers food.  Isabel's friend, Curzon, is among the soldiers.  Luckily, Isabel is able to find some bread on Christmas day and make some bread pudding.  In her wanderings, Isabel takes the bread pudding in a basket to Canvastown (the local tent city).  There she finds a poor family who is truly in need.  Isabel gives her bread pudding away and is happy that she has helped another family celebrate Christmas.

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