In Stargirl, for what three things is Hillari Kimble famous?

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The reader discovers in chapter 4 of "Stargirl" by Jerry Spinelli that Hillari Kimble was famous for "her mouth, The Hoax, and Wayne Par."  (pg 19)  Hillari had a big mouth and didn't mind using it for gossip and rumors.  The Hoax was when she tried out to be a cheerleader, but when she was selected she turned it down and said "she just wanted to prove she could do it."  The third thing she was famous for was Wayne Parr being her boyfriend.  As we learn in the book the important thing about Wayne was that he was really not that special.  He didn't talk much because with a girlfriend like Hillari you didn't have to.  He wasn't into sports, or anything else.  He just came to school and really didn't care.