What are three things Hillari Kimble is famous for in Stargirl?

Expert Answers
litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Hillari Kimble is famous for her mouth, The Hoax, and Wayne Parr.

The hoax involved cheerleading, where Hillari broke all of the rules and social conventions of high school and made herself instantly the talk of the town. 

Her face and figure were right enough, and she surely had the mouth—she made the squad easily.  And then she stunned everyone by turning it down.  She said she just wanted to prove she could do it. (Ch. 4)

In most schools, being a cheerleader is the height of popularity and every girl longs for it.  Hillari not only made fun of cheerleading, she humiliated the cheerleaders.

Wayne Parr was Hillari’s boyfriend.  He was the opposite of Hillari because she had a big mouth and “he seldom opened his” (Ch. 4).  He was “gorgeous” and his job was just to be seen and be gorgeous.  Like Hillari, he had no interest in sports.

Hillari is stubborn and harsh.  For example, when she insists that Stargirl not sing to her on her birthday.  Stargirl agrees, but then she sings instead to Leo—nominally keeping her promise.  Hillari is annoyed, but Leo is confused, and a little impressed that weird Stargirl thinks he’s cute.

Leo describes Hillari as “holding court.”  She is not a princess though.  Like the other misfits, she is just a kid trying to fit in, and make her own rules.  The cheerleading incident demonstrates that she is not one of the popular kids.  She’s essentially being proactive.  Hillari is smart and opinionated, and she definitely marches to the beat of her own drummer.  She is not afraid to stand up for herself, to voice her opinions, and to make herself heard above the uproar of high school.  Still, she is somewhat threatened by the bold eccentricity of Stargirl, definitely a dangerous path to talk in high school.  In many ways, though, Hillari and Stargil are after the same thing.  They both want to be the person they want to be.