What are the three things faber says a healthy society needs, and what does he say needs to happen before people will want those things?

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Society needs quality of information, leisure to digest it and the right to carry out actions based on the information gathered from the first two.

First, the quality of information is a problem for these peole because the people telling them information are constantly lying. Faber describes it differently though, he says that quality has details. If you think about Montag's wife Mildred and the "quality" of her television programs. They are just people talking about nothing more deep than the weather. Faber says books, good ones, have pores, they show the details of real life: "good writers touch life often."

Second, leisure is also another problem. Sure, as Montag points out, they have plenty of time off from work, but Faber notes that their minds are consumed with unimportant information: very large all-consuming billboards, stupid catchy jingles, tvs on all the walls of their homes etc. When they aren't bombarded by media, they are fearing for their lives as they drive 100 mph on the highway. There is no time for them to sit and contemplate philosophical ideas.

Lastly, they would need to fight for their rights to do something about what they gathered from the books. If they read and determined schools should teach more than just phys-ed and tv, they would have to have the right to bring about change. How can a "very old man" and a "fireman turned sour" do anything to promote change? Of course, with that attitude, nothing would ever be done, and Montag convinces him that they must do something.

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