In The Hunger Games, what are the three things Effie feels are advantageous to District 12 pair?  

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One advantage that District 12 has is that it’s the underdog.  With the drunken Haymitch as mentor and very little meat on their bones, Katniss and Peeta don’t seem to have a chance.  No one will expect much of them.

But there’s also food if you know how to find it. My father knew and he taught me some ways before he was blown to bits in a mine explosion. (ch 1, p. 6)

Another advantage is that Katniss and Peeta are working as a team.  Effie and Haymitch encourage this because the love story will gain them more sponsors, and thus help their survival.

Even though Peeta and Katniss are underfed and not trained, they have their advantages.  Katniss has skills with a bow and arrow, and Peeta is actually quite strong.  Katniss is at home in the woods, and she says, “I never smile except in the woods” (p. 7).  Since the arena is woods, she has an advantage.