What Three Things Does Bob Ewell Do That Alarm Aunt Alexandra

What three things does Bob Ewell do that alarms Aunt Alexandra?

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mlsldy3 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

From the very beginning of the book, we see that Bob Ewell is not a very nice man. After Tom Robinson was killed, Bob is seen to be acting very strangely by Aunt Alexandra. Aunt Alexandra is very protective of her family.

In chapter 27 we see that three things happen to make Aunt Alexandra and the rest of the town worried about Bob Ewell. The first thing that happens is that Bob loses his job. He was never one to hold a job, but when he loses his job it makes people start to wonder about him. When Judge Taylor sees someone sneaking away from his house, Bob is the first one people think of. He has broken into the Judge's house, and the third thing is that he starts to follow Tom's widow, Helen around town.

"Mr. Ewell kept the same distance behind her until she reached Mr. Link Deas's house. All the way to the house, Helen said she heard a soft voice behind her, crooning foul words. Thoroughly frightened, she telephoned Mr. Link at his store, which was not too far from his house. As Mr. Link came out of his store he saw Mr. Ewell leaning on the fence. Mr. Ewell said "Don't you look at me, Link Deas, like I was dirt. I a'int jumped your."

"You don't have to touch her. All you have to do is make her afraid, an if assault a'int enough to keep you locked up awhile, I'll get you in on the Ladies Law, so you get outa my sight! If you think I mean it, just bother that girl again."

Mr. Ewell was nothing but a coward. All he was able to do was scare people who were weaker than he was. He was getting ready to meet the a person who was not afraid of him at all. 

bullgatortail eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In Chapter 27, Scout describes three of Bob Ewell's exploits during the previous summer. Aunt Alexandra was quite worried about the repercussions. "I don't like it, Atticus. I don't like it at all," was her assessment of the events.

  • Bob got fired from his job with the WPA, "for laziness," according to Scout. Bob blamed Atticus for "getting his job."
  • Judge Taylor caught someone fleeing from his property one night, and Bob Ewell was the prime suspect.
  • Bob began stalking and harrassing Tom Robinson's widow, Helen. He was warned by Link Deas, who threatened to get Sheriff Tate involved, and Bob soon left her alone.
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