What are three things Dill learns throughout To Kill a Mockingbird? Also, if you can provide some examples.

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BOO RADLEY.  Like Jem and Scout, Dill eventually comes to understand that the terrible rumors about Boo are not true. It is Dill who first realizes why Boo may have decided to spend his world inside the walls of the Radley House. Unlike Boo, Dill has a place to run away to when things get bad at home; Dill recognizes that Boo does not have this option. Dill tells Scout,

"Maybe he doesn't have anywhere to run off to."  (Chapter 14)

DOLPHUS RAYMOND.  It is Dill who uncovers the great mystery of what Mr. Raymond drinks from inside the paper sack--and why he does it. Everyone in the town believes the sack to contain a bottle of whiskey, but Dill finds out differently.

"Scout, it's nothing but Coca-Cola."

Mr. Raymond explains that he "deliberately perpetrated fraud against himself" because

"I try to give 'em a reason, you see. It helps folks if they can latch onto a reason. Folks can say Dolphus Raymond's in the clutches of whiskey--that's why he won't change his ways. He can't help himself, that's why he lives the way he does."  (Chapter 20)

CLOWNS.  Dill decides that he wants to be a clown when he grows up, but it's a different kind of clown: one who will be happy and laugh all the time instead of always being sad, and making others laugh.

"I'm gonna stand in the middle of the ring and laugh at the folks."  (Chapter 22)

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