What three things did God help Corrie and Betsie get past the guards in The Hiding Place?

Expert Answers
dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

God helps Corrie and Betsie get their Bible, a bottle of vitamins, and Betsie's blue sweater past the guards.

When Corrie and Betsie are ordered to report to the processing center at Ravensbruck, they have to give up all their belongings, "strip(ping) off every scrap of clothes...and walk(ing) naked past the scrutiny of a dozen S.S. men into the shower room".  Corrie, desperate to save the Bible and the vitamins and sweater for Betsie, prays to God to help her.  While they are waiting in line, Betsie staggers and turns white, and Corrie, knowing that she needs to use the toilets, begs a guard to let them use the facilities.  The guard brusquely directs them to the shower room, and tells them to "use the drainholes".  In the shower room, Corrie sees a pile of old wooden benches stacked in a corner, and she hides the sweater, vitamins, and Bible there.

Corrie retrieves the precious items when she and Betsie are hearded into the shower room, naked with the others, ten minutes later.  She ties the Bible and vitamins, wrapped in the sweater, around her waist under her dress after she has showered.  Even though the contraband makes "a bulge you could have seen across the Grote Markt", it is not taken from her.  The woman ahead of Corrie is searched three times, but Corrie is inexplicably skipped, and when the prisoners are supposed to be searched a second time, she is skipped again.  Corrie gets "the incredible feeling that...this (is) not (her) business, but God's", and miraculously, she manages to smuggle the Bible, sweater, and vitamins into the camp, and "no hand touches(s) (her)" (Chapter 13).