What are three themes(what we can understand or learn from the story) for the story that were presented in the movie freedom Writers?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The film and work yields several powerful themes.  One such is the transformative nature of education.  It makes sense that Erin is a teacher, and one who believes in the sincerity and authenticity of her convictions.  Erin believes in her capacity to impact her children's lives and teaches to the students she has.  At the same time, she believes that each of her students has a unique voice and this must be integrated into the curriculum.  This would be another theme in the work. I would suggest that a major idea of the work would be to stress that teachers are more effective when they teach to their students and integrate these voices within the paradigm of teaching and learning.  A final theme that emerges in the work is the idea that breakthroughs in social constructs of discrimination can happen when voices are validated and authenticated.  When Erin gets her students to write about their own marginalization, they are better able to understand the silencing of others' voice and how this is something that ends up hurting the notion of social progress.