What are the three technological changes that led to the development of industrialization and their significance?

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There were many changes that impacted industrialization within Canada and throughout the world. However, there were three innovations that stood out in their importance to industrialization. First was the invention of the steam engine, which affected the workplace and transportation. Steam powered boats and trains helped ship goods around the world and country. Also, steam powered machinery in factories made the work place much safer. Previously, factories used pulley and belt systems to make the machinery function. This was dangerous as workers could lose hands or limbs if they were caught in the belts. The invention of the steam engine made the workplace safer, and added a fuel source for transportation.

Second was the invention of electricity. Electricity could be produced in a few ways, but mainly through hydroelectric dams. A dam was built at Niagara Falls to harness the power of the falling waters. Electricity was used in the workplace to increase safety and power the machinery. With the invention of electricity, the dynamic of the work force changed. Factories were built to house large machines for manufacturing. The workforce went from working in their homes, to working in factories that could produce more products. As factories were built and expanded, many families decided to move closer to work, causing cities to develop and the urban lifestyle began. Electricity affected the workplace, but also the work force and where they lived.

Last was an invention that affected communications around the world. The telegraph was a way of communicating through electric cables. The Atlantic telegraph cable allowed for faster communication between countries. Previously, people had to communicate through mail that was shipped over the ocean. This could take weeks, and with the telegraph it would only take moments. This communication opened up opportunities for international relations and could lead to better informed decisions.

Overall, industrialization changed everything from the lifestyles of the average working man to the government and international relations.

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