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What are some tactics that can be used to increase the rate of response while collecting descriptive research for business purposes?

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When doing survey research, it is often difficult to make sure that people respond to the survey.  However, there are some things that can be done to improve the rate of response.  Let us look at two of the more important possible ways.

First, it can help to have people conduct the surveys in person rather than sending them in the mail.  People are less likely to refuse a polite interview request in person than they are to simply ignore a piece of mail.

Second, business owners can offer various incentives to those who complete their surveys.  They might offer some small reward (a $1 coupon, for example) to those who complete the survey.  Alternatively, they might offer the chance to win a really big prize in a drawing.   Both of these make it more likely that people will complete surveys.

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