How can company managers satisfy the needs and wants of team members so that the purpose of mission of the company can become accomplished?

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M.P. Ossa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

According to Peter Grazier's 1988 article Team Motivation,the field of industrial psychology has identified specific wants and needs that part from the same paradigms found in human and existential theory. The idea behind applying the humanistic approach to industrial psychology is founded on the premise that individuals, working together, compose the body of one same organization. It the individual parts of the organization are working optimally, then the mission and vision of the organization will be accomplished. It is no different than the human body: if all of the organs in our body are healthy and working optimally, there is nothing that we cannot accomplish as individuals.

Hence, the article offers that in order to have a powerful and productive firm, each member of the firm must have their wants and needs satiated so that the locus of their energy, attention and motivation shifts away from their own need to help themselves and, since they have already helped themselves, they can devote themselves to something higher and bigger than themselves: the mission and the vision of the corps. The ability to care this much for something outside of our locus denotes that personal needs are taken care of; this is what self-actualization is all about.

The article points out the factors that affect motivation in a company setting are:

  • Purpose-sustaining motivation by awarding challenges and responsibilities that go hand in hand with the preparation of individuals.
  • Challenge-the accomplishment of several levels of difficulty within an organization brings about the need for new challenges.
  • Camaraderie-good communication, stress-free atmosphere, the sense of being able to trust.
  • Responsibility-identifying our specific role within the organization brings with it self-pride and the sense of knowledge that our time is being well-spent.
  • Growth-opportunities for personal and professional development
  • Leadership- a good leader that instills inspiration and respect in others.

With these factors in mind, company managers can satisfy the needs and wants of team members in several ways:

  1. Chances to grow and develop professionally: the employer can offer graduate college credit, personal development workshops, "camaraderie" workshops where people get to know each other better, and chances to have employees conduct workshops themselves. This helps with the wants of self-esteem, self-assurance, safety, belonging, and the need to become challenged in a zone of proximal development.
  2. Leadership academies: the need for recognition, validation, support and challenge can be met by offering interested parties a chance to become trained in a higher or more sophisticated skill within the organization.
  3. The small details: often wants and needs are simple and geared toward making shorter ends meet. For instance, access to a snack station may sound mundane, but what happens when employees have to pull long meetings, or lack funds to purchase their own lunch? Watching for the needs of nourishment within an organization is perhaps the most essential thing to do, as no worker will ever be focused nor motivated when basic needs are not being met. Hence, employees who REALLY think things through would find that offering sustenance for their employees may very well be the most effective way to keep them closer and more happy.

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