What are the three storylines in Frankenstein? How do they develop? Which characters are involved in each storyline?

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scarletpimpernel eNotes educator| Certified Educator

1.  The three storylines are the different narrations.  The novel is actually a "frame story"--a story within a story. Thus, Robert Walton serves as the narrator of the whole novel by beginning the novel with his letters.  He meets Victor Frankenstein, who tells Walton his story (this encompasses the largest portion of the novel). While Frankenstein relays his story to Walton, he lapses into the Monster's story, and so the Monster actually becomes the third narrator for several chapters. If the reader does not catch on to the frame structure, the three different first person narratives can be very confusing.

2. The storylines develop through first person point of view and are all in flashback because the narrators remember back to previous events and tell them at a later date.

3. Because the three storylines make up the entire novel, one could argue that all the work's characters are involved.  If you have to narrow it down, do so by the narrators listed in point #1.

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