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What are three stereotypes we encounter in our lives and what are the effects they have on others?

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There are innumerable stereotypes that can be based on race, gender, socioeconomic standing, level of intelligence, culture, political affiliations, religion, physical appearance, physical well-being, etc.

It cannot think of individual stereotypes that affect everyone. So much of stereotypical perceptions can be significantly biased based upon the culture in which we live. In America, a stereotype for men might be that they are supposed to be the leader of the family: the "bread winner." In our modern culture, women are not stereotypically expected to be homemakers, as in the past. However, women may be perceived to be weaker or perhaps not as intelligent (as opposed to men) based on some stereotypes.

There are stereotypes regarding white by blacks and vice versa. There are stereotypes regarding Democrats by Republicans and vice versa. People descended from one race may make assumptions about people from other races. Whites might be suspicious of other ethnicities. Christians may well...

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