What are three sgnifianct things about the characters in The Witch of Blackbird Pond?    

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anthonda49 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Did you mean about each character or the characters in general? I will answer based on all the characters in general. The characters run a gamut of personality types. At one extreme is Goodwife Cruff. She is narrow-minded, unyielding, and cruel to her own child. This character blames her child for accidentally dropping her doll overboard, strikes her child, then begins the accusations of witchcraft against Kit when she jumps overboard to rescue the doll. Hannah Tupper is at the other extreme. She is patient, kind, and open-minded. She listens to the woes of young ones (Nat, Kit, and Prudence) and offers them advice as well as blueberry cake, milk, and a cat to stroke. Hannah does not judge the young ones and gives wise words to soothe their feelings. Even though some of the townspeople fear or dislike her, she keeps to herself and lives her life. She does not provoke or retaliate. Uncle Matthew seems a distant, harsh man. He does not use threats or violence against others, but he is stern and rigid in his interpretation of the Puritan ways. As Kit accustoms herself to this different way of life and learns what has made Matthew so rigid, her hard work wins some affection from him. He eventually stands firm against the charges of Kit's witchcraft and defends her to the court.

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