What are the three sections of the book of Exodus in the Torah or Bible

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Different scholars place the divisions between sections of the book of Exodus in slightly different places. However, the three general topics covered in the book can be separated in approximately these groups:

The first section of the book, chapter 1 verse 1 through chapter 15, verse 21, tells the story of the Israelites being freed from slavery in Egypt. It explains the conditions under which the Hebrews were living and working, tells the birth and growth to adulthood of Moses, chronicles the ten plagues as Moses and Aaron communicate with Pharoah, and records the Passover and exit from Egypt with the crossing of the Red Sea.

The second section, chapter 15, verse 22 through chapter 24, verse 18, tells of the travels to Mount Sinai, the meeting between Moses and God and the giving of the tablets recording the Ten Commandments, and the development of further laws to guide the people and their living as based on the Commandments.

The third section, chapter 25 through the end of the book, describes the Covenant Tent and its furnishings, which the Hebrews are to construct and give to God for His dwelling place and their center of worship. Instructions for how to make the needed items and how they were to be used are given.

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