What are three scenes in To Kill a Mockingbird that show racism?

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bullgatortail eNotes educator| Certified Educator

THE TRIAL OF TOM ROBINSON.  Racism abounds during the chapters of the trial. Bob Ewell refers to Tom as "that nigger yonder ruttin' on my Mayella. Mayella refers to Tom by the "N" word, and the prosecutor, Mr. Gilmer, constantly addresses Tom as "boy." In the end, it is pure racism that dictates the jury's verdict of guilty against Tom.

THE MISSIONARY CIRCLE.  The women of the missionary circle meet with the good-hearted excuse of trying to help the poor, uneducated, un-Christian Mruna tribe in Africa. But their good intentions seem to go awry when Mrs. Merriweather begins making racist remarks about her maid, Sophy. Later, she makes uncomplimentary but veiled comments about Atticus until Miss Maudie's icy tongue stops her in her tracks.

MISS GATES.  Like Mrs. Merriweather, Scout's teacher, Miss Gates, seems to think that racism only exists in other parts of the world--not in Maycomb. Miss Gates denounces Hitler's treatment of the Jews, but Scout remembers a conversation she overheard when Miss Gates made highly unflattering remarks about the black people of Maycomb.

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