What are three reasons why the widow in the short story "La Viuda de Montiel" leads a lonely life? Please back up with reasons from the story. I thought one reason was because she is ignorant because she is superstitious and has always been sheltered by her parents.

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Your argument regarding the three reasons why la viuda led a lonely and sheltered life goes hand in hand with the story "La Viuda de Montiel", especially towards the paragraph that reads:

Aquella mujer frágil, lacerada por la superstición, casada a los 20 años por voluntad de sus padres con el único pretendiente que le permitieron ver a menos de 10 metros de distancia, no había estado nunca en contacto directo con la realidad.

There are basically your three main reasons: first, in typical García Márquez style, women are either too dependent or too independent. Very seldom do we see a "normal" female prototype. Therefore, the first reason is the submissiveness of certain types of Hispanic women, who still abide by the dictum that "man" is he head of the household and that women are...

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