What are three reasons why political parties organize?

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mkoren eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are several reasons why political parties organize. One reason is so people with similar ideas and beliefs can work together to accomplish their goals. Without political parties, people would be on their own to promote their ideas and beliefs. Political parties bring together people who share common goals and who are willing to work to achieve those goals.

Political parties form so they can put forth and support candidates for office who share the party’s beliefs. By having people declare that they support a party’s ideology and goals, it makes it easier to identify candidates for office.

Political parties organize so they can inform the voting public about what they believe. Political parties publish a platform that states their beliefs on important issues and indicates what they hope to accomplish if they get their candidates elected. This also allows voters to be better able to distinguish between candidates and their ideas in an election. Political parties also are able to raise money quicker and easier. This allows them to get their message to voters more easily than if the candidate was on his or her own. There are several reasons why political parties organize.

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