What are three reasons why Night is a good book for learning about the Holocaust?

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1. Night contains the true testimony of a victim of the Holocaust. Wiesel based the book on his experiences in the concentration camp, giving his account credibility. He goes over what life was like in the camps firsthand.

2. Night presents the horrors of the Holocaust in such a way as to humanize the victims. It is easy to not get the full impact of the horror of the "Final Solution" from a dry textbook account. However, Wiesel's narrative approach makes the people who were imprisoned in these camps feel more real. By showing them as human beings and creating a relationship between them and the reader, Wiesel's book makes the ugliness of the situation hit all the harder.

3. Night presents the emotional aftereffects of concentration camp survivors. Though Wiesel survived, he departed from the camps a changed man. The novel shows how his faith in the goodness of God (though not the existence of God) was destroyed by his experiences. Some of the other characters lose their faith and hope, and even...

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