What are three reasons John Proctor thinks he should confess to witchcraft in The Crucible? What are three reasons why he shouldn't confess?

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Three reasons John Proctor should confess:

1. He wishes to save his life. John knows that if he confesses to witchcraft, he will only spend a short time in prison and not be hanged in front of Salem's community.

2. John is a sinner and accepts the fact that he is already an immoral person with nothing to lose. Offering a false confession will not harm his morality more than what he has already suffered. Also, John would be following in the footsteps of numerous other citizens who have offered false confessions in order to save their lives.

3. John wishes to raise his children and live a happy life with Elizabeth, who has forgiven him for having an affair with Abigail Williams.

Three reasons John Proctor should not confess:

1. John realizes that refusing to offer a confession will undermine the validity and authority of the court, which will more than likely cause a...

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