What are three quotes that show Liesel loves Rosa, Hans, and Max in The Book Thief?

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In short, Liesel loves Rosa, Hans, and Max.  Liesel loves Rosa and Hans as mother and father figures.  Liesel loves Max as a friend; however, this friendship grows into romantic love due to them being kindred souls.

First, let us look at Liesel’s love of Rosa and Hans as mother and father figures.  Liesel’s love of Hans is much stronger than her love for Rosa due to Liesel’s treatment by the two of them.  Rosa is a fan of “tough love,” and is quite coarse with Liesel.  Rosa often swears and gossips about others, but she is quick to help anyone in need and is a big fan of prayer.  Leisel’s love for Rosa is often a result of what she overhears instead of what she observes publicly. 

Rosa was sitting with the accordion, praying.  “Make them come back alive,” she repeated.  “Please, Lord, please.  All of them.” Even the wrinkles around her eyes were joining hands. … Rosa would never tell Hans about these...

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