What three questions does Everyman ask Death about the journey he must take?  It is from a story in the Glencoe British Literature Book.

Expert Answers
literaturenerd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Everyman, from the mortality play Everyman, asks Death many questions after Death tells him that he must go upon a journey as commanded by God. At the end of the journey, Everyman will stand before God at a reckoning.

Everyman does not wish to go upon the journey at that moment. He asks Death if the journey can wait. Death replies that it cannot.

Everyman actually has five questions that he asks Death about his journey.

1. "What messenger art thou?" (Everyman does not know Death and does not understand how he can tell him of a journey he must take.)

2. "Shall I have no longer respite?" (Everyman does not wish to leave immediately. He questions Death about waiting a while.)

3. "Should I not come again shortly?" (Again, Everyman is asking if he must leave right away.)

4. "Of mine acquaintance that way to lead me?" (Everyman is told he must leave everything behind. He is questioning if he must travel alone.)

5. "How shall I do now for to excuse me?" (Everyman is wondering if there are any excuses left for him to make to put off the journey.)