What are three qualities that allowed Caesar to be such a successful leader in Gaul? How did each quality impact his campaign and his life?

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dbello eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Julius Caesar (100-44 B.C.E.) was raised in a patrician family and educated by the best teachers in Rome. Most historians agree that the qualities that brought Caesar great success in Gaul and later in Rome were;

1. He was well connected. His father's family members were married to many of the political and military power in Rome, thus affording him entrance into Rome's inner circle.

2. As a general, Caesar effectively connected with his army. Caesar took the time to 'know his men' even if it was partly staged.  His natural ability as a military leader is still studied in military academies today. Talk about impact!!!

3. He understood the power of popular politics. Although born of a patrician family he projected himself as a man of the people of Rome. By feeding the people and paying their rents with the spoils of the Gallic wars, Caesar gained the allegiance of the people. These actions allowed Caesar to consolidate his power without the masses ever suspecting his real motives which was absolute power.

It must be noted that although Caesar's power gave much to Rome it was the same power that cost Caesar his life.