What are three prominent changes in today's healthcare environment?

Expert Answers
mizzwillie eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Three prominent changes in today's health care environment that I see are the increased use of advanced technology, the increasing consolidation of health organizations, and the increased use of teamwork as a means of increasing successful outcomes.  The advanced technology is probably the biggest change as I currently use a machine designed for preventing blood clots to treat my uncontrolled restless legs.  The last appointment my husband had in the VA in one city had a doctor in another city view the growth on his back through the lens of a camera and diagnose it from the lens information.  The consolidation of health care organizations is happening everywhere as even Mayo Clinic, a world class health clinic, is spreading throughout the United States through building its own clinics and taking over smaller clinics from other health systems.  The teamwork increase is much trickier as for now it seems to work in only a few settings.  Mayo Clinic in Rochester MN does use the team approach where you do not make appointments with specialists in different clinics, but make one appointment at Mayo where they may have you see three different specialists in one day to determine the actual problem.  I see this as the way of the future as so often patients don't know which kind of specialist can help them with the issue they have.