What are the three primary literary elements of William Faulkner's "Barn Burning?"

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The most noticeable literary element Faulkner uses in "Barn Burning" is sentence structure. Faulkner's sentences are very long and have many interruptions. They flow like stream of consciousness because they are one claus after another. In "Barn Burning" the second sentence  is 116 words in length.

Another major element Faulker uses is point of view. Faulkner relates this story from the young Sarty, who is ten years old. Faulkner's words depict a ten year old who is illiterate.

The other literary element is setting. The Snopes' are very illiterate people who are like slaves. Barn Burning's setting is not really a place but it is the act of traveling from one place to another. The Snopes' are always evicted from one place and then have to move to another, because of Ab's fighting and violence. Their wagon is the setting and also the story revolves around Abner's personality and Sarty's attempt to get an handle on the situation in his rebellious manner.

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