What are three possible themes for Two Kinds? 

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One possible theme would be the theme of self identity.  Suyuan wants Jing Mei to be a one of a kind daughter/girl.  Suyuan wants her daughter to be a child prodigy.  She wants Jing Mei to be famous for being great at something.  Unfortunately, Suyuan pushes Jing Mei toward studies that Jing Mei has no passion for.  Jing Mei wants to be her own individual.  The battle comes to a head and ends badly with each character saying hurtful things.  

Another theme is the theme of growing up.  Jing Mei is getting older and more mature.  With that aging process comes her ability and desire to stand up to her mother.  The story illustrates the first time that Jing Mei stood her ground and won.  For Jing Mei it's the start of a new relationship with her mother.  

That new relationship leads me to the third theme.  The theme of a mother/daughter dynamic.  Suyuan believes that daughters should listen and obey their mothers without question.  Jing Mei doesn't agree with that.  The different attitudes cause tension between them and eventually causes a break.  The dynamic is thematic to the story and representative of a lot of teenage girl and mother relationships.  

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