What are the three personality traits that Macbeth possesses that makes him an abuser to abuse his power?

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blacksheepunite eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Only three?

Macbeth abuses the crown, first by killing Duncan, then by acting for his own good rather than for the good of the people. Characteristic? lack of respect for authorities other than his own (Hecate complains of this too, when she chastizes the weird sisters for helping him).

He abuses the trust of his friends and of his subjects. He is responsible for ordering Banquo killed and he manipulates the villagers to make them think that the murder is justified. We also learn that Scotland is bathed in the blood of innocents, most likely at Macbeth's command.So this makes him untrustworthy and selfish.

He abuses his people by ruling by and with fear. He kills MacDuff because he is afraid Macduff may cause trouble. We learn that the people follow him only out of fear, not out of love. Abusers get joy and a sense of superiority by making others fear and obey them. This makes him insecure.

Finally, he is quick to anger and to seek vengeance against people who wrong him. He first wants to kill MacDuff's family to teach MacDuff a lesson for snubbing him and not coming to his feast. This makes him intemperate, and given to anger.

That's four.