What were the three paternal gifts that young D'Artagnan received?

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The three gifts that young D'artagnan receives from his father, D'artagnan the elder, are a horse, money, and a letter. The horse is old, yellow, and has no hair in its tail, which earns D'artagnan a lot of ridicule in the present time. It's because of this ridicule that D'artagnan recalls how he received the horse from his father in the past, along with his other two gifts. Following this, we then get a glimpse into D'artagnan's past, specifically the day he receives these gifts. D'artagnan the elder tells his son never to sell the horse and to treat it well. He also gives him fifteen crowns in money and a letter of introduction addressed to an important court official and good acquaintance of his named Monsieur de Treville.

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