What are three objects that Atticus Finch might carry?

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The day's newspaper: Throughout the novel, Atticus is constantly reading the newspaper. Scout even mentions,

I sometimes think Atticus subjected every crisis of his life to tranquil evaluation behind The Mobile Register, The Birmingham News and The Montgomery Advertiser (Lee 91).

I believe Atticus would most likely carry the day's newspaper around with him.

Glasses case: The reader knows from Chapter 10 that Atticus is nearly blind in his left eye, which is why he has to wear glasses. It would be reasonable to assume Atticus carries a glasses case with him in case he needs to protect his glasses when he takes them off.

Briefcase: Since Atticus is a lawyer, he is typically found carrying a briefcase. There are several scenes throughout the novel that depict Atticus carrying and looking through his briefcase. In Chapter 13, when he returns home from Birmingham, Jem is quick to grab his father's briefcase. In Chapter 20, Atticus searches for papers from his briefcase during the trial.

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