What are three notable traits of Elaine Risely throughout the story?

Expert Answers
chickflik999 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Three notable traits of Elaine Risely throughout the story include neuroticism, vengeful attitude, and dependent.

She is neurotic because when she attends school her friends tell her that she is doing and saying the wrong things. Elaine does not realize what it is she is doing, which makes her self-esteem low. Elaine's low-self esteem causes her to behave in neurotic ways, including peeling her skin and biting her fingers. Later in life, she tries to commit suicide. This tells us that Elaine has trouble adjusting and responds to things in a neurotic manner.

Elaine also acts in a vengeful way throughout the book. This, again, is seen in how she behaves at school. She purposely says things that she knows will hurt others. Elaine also acts vengeful when she is older. When she is being interviewed by a reporting, she purposely gives short responses and speaks with a hostile undertone. These examples show she is vengeful because she purposely tries to harm others.

Elaine is also dependent on others in her relationships. This is shown because she purposely seeks out individuals who need her more than she needs them.  This is because she does not want others to leave her.