What are three most memorable moments of The Help by Kathryn Stockett?

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Some time after we read a book or watch a movie, we find ourselves recalling certain scenes or dialogues that resonated with us. The “most memorable” ones are a matter of personal perspective and taste, and everyone may choose differently. I have both read The Help and seen its movie adaptation. Here are three scenes that are memorable for me.

1. When Skeeter “mistakenly” writes in the league newsletter that people are supposed to deliver toilets to Hilly Holbrook’s house, not winter coats. The result is described by Aibileen in Chapter 22:

I have never in my life seen a thing like this. Three dozen of em. Pots. Right smack on Miss Hilly’s lawn. All different colors and shapes and sizes. Some is blue, some is pink, some is white. Some ain’t got no ring, some ain’t got no tank. They’s old ones, young ones, chain on top, and flush with the handle. Almost look like a crowd of people the way some got they lids open talking, some with they lids closed listening.

2. When the book about the black maids is published, and Aibileen’s church calls a special surprise meeting to thank and honor her, as well as the other maids who participated. She tells this story in Chapter 29. The church is packed. Reverend Johnson explains that even though community’s racial circumstances won’t allow them to talk in public about the book, this will be their one and only time to celebrate the women’s accomplishment.

He hand me the book. “We know you couldn’t put your name on it, so we all signed our own for you.” I open up the front cover and there they is, not thirty or forty names, but hundreds, maybe five hundred, in the front pages, the back pages, along the rim a the inside pages. All the peoples in my church and folks from other churches too. Oh, I just break down then. It’s like two years a doing and trying and hoping all come out at once.

3. When the book is making the rounds of the Junior League socialites, Minny expects she’ll know when Hilly Holbrook reads the scene about the special chocolate pie Minny made for her. She predicts that she’ll hear a scream in her head. She finishes Chapter 32 by saying that she was startled awake one night.

And then I realize what it was that woke me. I’ve heard what I’ve been waiting on. What we’ve all been waiting on.

I heard Miss Hilly’s scream.

Chapter 33 begins with Skeeter hearing the same sound. “It was a scream, like material ripping into two shredded pieces.” It almost doesn’t matter whether this scream is real or imaginary. The women know that Hilly will never admit to eating the pie.

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