What are three or more negative aspects of online dating?

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There are many pros and cons to online dating. Many adults start on-line dating because they are professionals who do not have the time to go out into the dating scene or they are newly single and are not used to mingling with singles face to face. On-line dating can offer what appears to be a low risk dating experience, however there are downsides to on-line dating.

First, the cost of online dating is significantly higher than traditional dating when there is no guarantee of meeting someone whom you will connect with. While some websites are free others can cost as much as $60 a month.  When the success of your location can influence the choices you will have this could be a costly investment.

Safety is also a factor, many on-line dating cites do not verify the identities of those posting profiles online. There is often no way to initially determine if the person you are talking to is whom they claim to be. Detectives report they are seeing an increase of clients asking them to investigate people that the client has met on-line.

Lastly some people fine themselves victims of scams from individuals they have met through online websites. These scams can include asking for money or other goods.

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Deception-One of the major disadvantages of online dating is altering the truth or witholding information.

Flirts- People may be seeking long term relations but have multiple profiles on other sites and simply using the site to casually meet men/women.

Cost- You pay monthly fees and may not reap any benefits from the site. You have to pay for full access of the site and risk a monetary loss because you may not find anyone appealing.


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