What are three modern day beliefs that people a thousand years from now might think were silly or superstitions?   

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saintfester eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are many ancient beliefs and superstitions that ancient civilizations had we consider comical today. These beliefs have been “revealed” to be natural or scientific phenomenon, but many years ago their exact cause was misunderstood.

One such belief was that most maritime disasters today are caused by navigation errors or weather phenomena. In early times, most maritime disasters involving lost ships and crew were the result of sea monster attacks. Ancient mariners believed that if you wandered too far away from the shore your ship could run afoul of large creatures, which would consume it and your crewmates. 

Another common one involves people today who are left-handed. Today, we know that your left or right-handedness is not a comment on your personality. In some Christian societies people who wrote with their left hand instead of the right hand were possessed by the devil. In Puritan New England parents would often strap their children’s left hand across their chest to prevent them from using their “bad hand” if they exhibited tendencies. Because being possessed was such a dangerous thing in the New England colonies, many people would even whip their children to prevent them from using their left hand.  

A final superstition from back in history involves the weather. Today we know that natural disasters are caused by weather and tectonic factors causing natural disasters. In ancient times the commonly held belief was that natural disasters, such as famine, earthquakes or hurricanes were the gods showing their displeasure over people’s behaviors. Many civilizations across the world shared this belief and incorporated it into their religion, such as the Greeks, Native Americans, and Ancient African cultures.   

Lori Steinbach eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Looking back, as someone already pointed out, is a good model for trying to figure out what once seemed reasonable but now seems rather outlandish and for predicting the things in our current culture which will be looked at in the same way by future generations. 

I agree with the above post that the people we glorify (as measured by how much we pay them and/or the license they have for bad behavior) will seem ridiculous one day.

Unfortunately, I fear that the traditional American work ethic will one day seem silly.

Reality television and the idea that we can be entertained by artificial competitions in a variety of increasingly outrageous settings and challenges is going to make us look foolish and puerile.

pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

One might be the belief that there are inherent differences between people of different races.  We're already losing this one to some degree.  Another might be that homosexuality is in some way evil or immoral.  I suppose it is possible that one day people will also think we were silly for thinking that men and women are inherently different in terms of mental capacity or emotional natures.  

pacorz eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I love #6's answer! I will add to his list:

4. That entertainment was considered as a passive activity that people sat and had done to them.

5. That one gender is somehow inferior to the other.

6. That people could totally neglect the health of their bodies and then expects others, known as doctors, to fix all they damage they had done to themselves with that neglect.

rrteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think national identity, at least as we think of it now, might be obsolete in the distant future, and that people will wonder why we felt so strongly about nation that some people were willing to die for it. Ideas of nation barely existed 400 years ago, and there is every chance that they might be a thing of the past before too long, historically speaking.

Kristen Lentz eNotes educator| Certified Educator

If history is any indicator or understanding of medicine and science should advance to a point to where our technology and treatments would seem extremely elementary.  We are unable to cure or effectively treat a multitude of diseases, and if those can be cured in the future I am certain our methods would seem childish.

bullgatortail eNotes educator| Certified Educator
  1. That television and iPhones could have been so addictive that people spent the better part of their days mesmerized by them.
  2. That we allowed the oil industry to control the world's financial structure.
  3. That sports figures became the dominant "heroes" of American society.
mwestwood eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Let me continue the list:

7. That what was reported to them through the news media was taken for truth

8. That entertainment was glorified as of paramount importance and fame was worshipped.

9. That beauty was mistaken for goodness


etotheeyepi | Student

A society with no money most likely would have no theft and possibly no war.  Sounds good so far.  In the past, societies with no money have had no school, no government, and no one the tell anybody what to do.


Sounds something like Never-Never Land where people lose their shadows, and where they need to Wendy and her sewing kit.

Unfortunately, the above mentioned land with no money also has no beds in which to sleep and people must kill their own food to eat.

OMG, run Mr Fizzyperm, the men must kill five baboons before they can marry.


frizzyperm | Student

A thousand years.... oooh... how about money?

In 1000 years, it is possible to imagine a society so advanced that energy is limitless, clean and basically free. Their technology could be so skillful that any product could be woven from energy without cost. So, for them, everything's free and from their point of view, we are living in a primitive age of scarcity.

We use money to decide who can have access to resources, and who can't. If resources are limitless and free, who needs money? Of course, money doesn't really exist, it is merely a theoretical value system (which is why it sometimes collapses) Maybe our descendants will look at our belief in money and think it is a crude, primitive, brutal system. As primitive to them as a pre-money society seems to us today.

alphawolf9 | Student

you can xcompare what we think about our ancestors to what they will think about us :|

najm1947 | Student

Looking at the recent history, the way we are spending on so called war on terror and are struggling to gain control of the world, we may be heading towards an economic and ethnic disaster. So, a thousand years from now, we may realise that it would have been much better if we had lived with peace and let the others live their way. The three modern day beliefs that may look silly would be, if human race survives by then:

1. The so called war on terror and false supremacy of a nation

2. Ethnic divide

3. Digression from morality

hubert63 | Student

Looking at beliefs that are already changing seems like a slam dunk. It is more interesting to stretch  bit more. First, I am drawn to our healing methods. All of the pills we take to alleviate symptoms will seem like witch doctors. 

Second, I think our food will be far more sterile. The current trend to organic food will seem simplistic. They will look at us sbeing supersticious for fearing genetic manipulation of anything. "How unenlightened" they will say (as they scratch their heads - which will be slightly lrger than ours).


Finally, the sorts of things that pss for sports. Football, basketball,baseball, soccer, hockey will be to them as ancient games are to us. Few will play them because old things are cool, but The modern sports will be more v nature and those who play them will be in more danger of dying (what is old will be new again).


purple77ize | Student
In reply to #10: i spelled it wrong!
purple77ize | Student
the one where if you step ona acrack ona sidewalk you'll break your mothers back! i already think its silly!