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by William Shakespeare

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What are three metaphors in Act 2, Scene 2?

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Polonius tells Claudius and Gertrude that he believes he knows the reason why Hamlet appears to have lost his mind. He says,

And I do think—or else this brain of mine
Hunts not the trail of policy so sure
As it hath used to do—that I have found
The very cause of Hamlet's lunacy.  (2.2.46-49)

Here, the king's adviser uses a metaphor to compare politics to a trail that one is either cunning enough to follow or not; he also personifies his brain as something which can hunt, or follow, this so-called trail. Polonius means that he is fairly sure that he's uncovered the reason for Hamlet's crazy behavior, unless his brain has become somewhat less capable than it once was.  

King Claudius really wants to hear what Polonius has to say on this subject, but then Polonius tells him,

Give first admittance to th' ambassadors.
My news shall be the fruit to that great feast. (2.2.51-52)

Here, he uses a metaphor to compare his news of Hamlet to dessert. He compares whatever the ambassadors...

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