What are the three major sources of oil pollution in the ocean?

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The major sources of oil pollution in the oceans are:

  • Natural seeps: A large fraction of oil that is present in our oceans has seeped into them from the underground reservoirs of oil (the same ones that we drill into to obtain oil). This may account for almost 40% of all the oil in the oceans. In many locations, microbes present in the oceans can consume much of this oil, thereby keeping our oceans clean.
  • From automobiles: Automobiles generally drip some oil on the road. This oil is washed off by rainfall and from there it finds its way to the oceans.
  • Oil spills: These are a significant contributor to oil pollution. These may take place due to accidents in the ships carrying oils or at oil drilling rigs.
  • Disposal from luxury ships/cruise ships: A significant fraction of oil pollution is also caused by the disposal of oil by luxury ships or cruise ships into the ocean water.

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