What are three main similarities and differences between Jack and Ralph from the novel Lord of the Flies?  

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1). Ralph makes it clear from the start that he wants to establish a rule-based order on the island. He knows that if the boys are to survive, they need to create some semblance of civilization. Otherwise, without adult supervision, they're likely to descend into outright violence.

Jack, however, couldn't care less about any of this. He just wants to be king of the castle, the absolute ruler and dictator of the island. Far from seeing violence as a threat, he welcomes it as a way of consolidating his power and exerting control over the other boys.

2). Jack sees the whole experience of being stranded on a desert island as nothing more than a big adventure. As such, he sees it as an opportunity to have fun. Ralph, on the other hand, has a much more serious approach. He knows that there's work to be done, such as building fires, constructing shelters, and sourcing food supplies.

3). Jack is a sadist. He derives great pleasure from inflicting pain and suffering on others, whether...

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