What are some of the important literary elements that exist in the novel The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold?

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The first noteworthy literary element in The Lovely Bones is probably the point-of-view.  First person limited or third person omniscient are two of the most common perspectives from which novels are written.  It is somewhat rare for a novel to be told from a first person omniscient point-of-view.  This is because it is rare that a character would be privy to all information.  Sebold accomplishes this by using a narrator who is dead.

The other two elements I would encourage you to examine are flashback and foreshadowing.  Essentially, this story is a mystery.  It not told in chronological order.  The techniques of foreshadowing and flashback are used to heighten the suspense and mystery.  As a result, they keep the reader interested.  This is certainly a book that once started, is very difficult to put down until it is finished.