What are three lessons taught by the characters in The Chrysalids?

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From David we can learn to be open-minded about the world and the people in it, and not blindly follow the will of our parents.  Children are definitely impacted by their parents’ beliefs.  Parents raise their children with a moral code.  However, sometimes children grow up to question that code. 

This was the case with David.  His father was strongly religious, but he realized that just because someone is different does not make them a mutant, ungodly, or worthy of rejection.  He befriended Sophie despite her extra toes, even though not turning her in was a crime.

I certainly did not feel unusual. I was a normal little boy, growing up in a normal way, taking the ways of the world about me for granted.  And I kept on like that until the day I met Sophie. Even then, the difference was not immediate. It is hind-sight that enables me to fix that as the day when my first small doubts started to germinate. (Ch. 1) 

David’s relationship with Sophie helps him to better understand...

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